Go audition to be a well-paid extra in the ‘Annie’ remake today

annie remake will smith
That’s you, somewhere in that parade

It’s a snow day, and you might be thinking you just want to spend the whole time sledding and drinking hot chocolate. Those are great things to do of course, but why not also use the day to jumpstart that Hollywood career you’ve always wanted but could never find? The eagle-eyed fame seekers at the New York Observer spotted an ad on Craigslist seeking extras for the Annie remake being produced by the Daddy Warbucks-rich Jay-Z and Will Smith. Befitting men of such means, extras are very well compensated, but you need to get there today.

The production company is seeking a multi-ethnic group of people between the ages of 16 and 65 to be extras. The bad news is that it could require a lot of standing in one spot for long stretches. The good news is that you’re probably used to standing around doing nothing, and you’ll get $250 for a day’s work as a regular extra and $450 if you’re a featured extra.

If you want to give it a shot, auditions start at 2pm at Suite 424 at 236 5th Avenue (between 27th and 28th Streets).You won’t need a head shot, but you will need to wear your best upscale casual clothes.

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