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Doesn’t dad deserve a few drinks for Father’s Day?

Whatever happened to Acme Beer? Vintage beer cans via Wikimedia.
Whatever happened to Acme Beer? Vintage beer cans via Wikimedia.

It’s that time of year when we have to think about our dear old man. Sure we never really got into sports and we never got into bumping Johnny Cash in the whip, but we mostly share one thing with poppa, and that’s the love of alcohol. It’s always a great moment when we get to crack a cold one and chill out with dad; it always makes us feel more grown up than marriage or paying taxes. So to thank dad for help giving your life (and money), how about you don’t buy him socks he doesn’t need or a watch he probably already owns, and get him some books. Not actual books, but our awesome Brooklyn beer books so he can get free booze whenever he wants to get away from his bratty grandkids. We have some excellent options for you. 

South Brooklyn & Rockaway Beer Book

Our seventh beer book, highlighting 28 great bars in South Brooklyn and The Rockaways ($20). This is the perfect gift for the awesome surfer dad who doesn’t let something small like age stop him from reliving his early years when people confused him for Patrick Swayze in ‘Point Break.’

Queens Beer Book

Our first Queens Beer Book ($30), for the dad who needs a drink or two while watching the Mets maybe finally put it together this season. Now he can have a free beer in Astoria, Long Island City, Ridgewood, Forest Hills and more.

Brooklyn Cocktail Book

If your dad is a little more fancy, a silver fox who prefers a high class Brooklyn cocktail, we got you covered. Our Brooklyn Cocktail Book ($20) will give dad prime opportunities to visit various neighborhoods in Central Brooklyn like Crown Heights, Park Slope, Fort Greene and more. He also can use those classic ladykiller moves while he waits for his free cocktail. Remember, we are not at fault if you get a new stepmom who graduated college the same year you did.

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