Gig alert: Manage advertising for internet hive mind reddit

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reddit needs a business-minded person to revolutionize some paradigms and think outside the box

Are you especially organized? Able to keep track of constantly changing spreadsheets in this topsy-turvy world, and are you also good with people? If you are, and you also want to help make your mark on the internet as a whole, a new job has opened up that should be a perfect fit for you: sales associate at reddit. They’ll even pay you in real money, not bitcoin!

Despite its reputation as the disorganized screaming hive mind of the internet, reddit is serious business these days, and has caught the eye of advertisers looking to cash in on all those sweet eyeballs passing through the site each day. The sales associate will be responsible for things like keeping track of how ad campaigns are working out, making sure there’s room for different campaigns without running into each other and also dealing with billing discrepancies and other inquiries from irate or confused clients.

The job will require you to work from reddit’s offices in New York, so sadly, you’ll have to wear pants. On the other hand, in addition to getting a normal paycheck, you’ll get paid in equity in the company and also in reddit gold, which can’t be turned into regular gold. Yet.

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