Gig alert: Make $275 delivering food for Smorgasburg on Saturday

Good on a bike? We've got a gig for you.
Good on a bike? We’ve got a gig for you.

Are you in decent shape and looking to put that body of yours to work to make some cash? Hey why not, it’s summer. We wish we could tell you we got a line on a job offer looking to pay some people to be extra in the unauthorized sequel Magic Mike 3: More Magicer, but we have an offer to share with you that will at least make you some cash. Smorgasburg is making their GrubHub/Seamless debut this weekend, and that means they need some delivery. Are you a bad enough dude to bring Brooklynites their spaghetti burgers and jambalaya before they got cold?

Hopefully you are, because like we mentioned in the headline, you can make $275 for 8.5 hours of work, as your day will go from 9:30am to 6pm. And if you like riding your bike (and it’s not pouring on Saturday), you might not even consider a day of riding around with food to be work. The job will be based out of the Williamsburg and Long Island City Smorgasburg locations, so you’ve got options on which waterfront neighborhood you want to spend your day in.

If you want the gig, you’re gonna need a few things. You need to have your own bike (duh) and helmet, and you’ll need an iPhone upgraded to at least iOS7 or an Android running at least Version 4.0 so that you can download the GrubHub/Seamless app. And most importantly, you’ll have to be in reasonable shape and be comfortable enough on your bike that you’re alright riding through pedestrian/car-clogged neighborhoods without having a panic attack. If you fit all those criteria, shoot an email to info [AT] and be quick, since this is happening tomorrow.

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