Gig alert: The Brooklyn Brew Shop is looking for some beer nuts

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This crew of beer obsessives would like to offer you a seat at the table. via Facebook

Do you love beer? Well, OK, dumb question, 80% of America has a fridge full of the stuff. But do you love beer enough that you can talk for hours about hops and yeast and perfect brewing conditions? Right, that’s a little more specialized. But if that’s the kind of person you are, the home brew helpers at the Brooklyn Brew Shop want you to fill one of their three open positions. We hear the last part of the job interview is a chugging competition.

The Brew Shop, which sells home brew kits around the country, and locally at the Union Square market and the Brooklyn Flea, needs to fill three jobs: office and customer relations coordinator, operations manager and account coordinator. So, while you won’t be making beer, you will be helping to make it easier for other people out there to do it, and that should count for something too.

The Office and Customer Relations coordinator is responsible for keeping the whole office running smoothly, by doing things like dealing with customer inquiries about the brewing process, booking travel plans for the office and seeing which beer people want in the office kegerator. Oh yeah, there’s an office kegerator. The operations manager will be responsible for budgeting and staying sober enough to put out good financial forecasts and the account coordinator will be responsible for keeping up with the Brew Shop’s many retail partners and finding some more. Presumably by drinking beer with them some times, if thee are any junior Roger Sterlings out there. Just remember that if you take one of these jobs, you’re working for beer, which is a sacred task. Don’t screw it up.

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