We’re getting more Brooklyn Bridge Park, yay! They have to close part of it first. Aww.

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You’ll have one less place to play for a little while, pooch. Photo by Julienne Schaer, via Brooklyn Bridge Park

One thing you can never have too much of in New York is parkland. Rip up the streets, turn them into grass, that’s what we say! While we wait for “Red” Bill de Blasio to do that as part of his Five Year Plan, we can console ourselves with the news today that Brooklyn Bridge Park is doing construction for yet another expansion. That’s the good news. The bad news is that one of the dog runs will have to be closed while the expansion is built. Aww, poor pooches.

According to a press release put out by Brooklyn Bridge Park, construction is starting on a pedestrian bridge for the John Street section of the park, along with a 13,000 square-foot lawn and a new entrance to the park on Jay Street. On the Brooklyn Heights side of the park, we’re getting an expansion to the Pier 6 section, with 3.4 acres of parkland that includes a year-round flower garden. Because everything goes better with flowers.

For DUMBO folks, this comes at a slight price, but they’ll be a little inconvenienced nonetheless. Both the Main Street dog run and the Riverview Lawn will be closed temporarily, while the construction is done. But, there’s a dog run down on Pier 6, and there’s still, you know, a whole giant park to enjoy outside of those places. And, provded the city hasn’t already turned into a lawless hellscape, we’ll be able to enjoy the expanded park facilities in the fall of 2014. And if the city¬†is a lawless hellscape, you’ll just have to make sure you’re strapped before you go to the park.

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