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This gets our goat: It’s Caribbean Restaurant Week

Caribbean Restaurant Week
It’s a good idea to eat at Ideya during Caribbean Restaurant Week. via Facebook

Food is good and necessary for your continued biological function and all that, but sometimes you just don’t want to be the one who makes it. The problem is, that adds up eventually. Not this week though, because as DNA Info reports, it’s Caribbean Restaurant Week, and that means awesome deals on Caribbean food around Brooklyn. Also in Manhattan and Queens, but there’s enough deals here to keep you from traveling too far.

Caribbean Restaurant Week is like any other restaurant week, except better because it’s mostly focused on Brooklyn and involves eating more spicy food and more goat. Through June 28 you can get prix fixe dinners for $15 to $35 from places like Footprints Cafe and Culpepper’s (1082 Nostrand Avenue) and lunch specials that hover around $10, but go as low as $3 for a lunch special at D&P Restaurant (3405 Church Avenue).

Most of the participating restaurants are in Flatbush, Prospect Heights and Crown Heights, which is what we suppose would be expected from  an event meant to show off Caribbean food. So if you live around there, throw your pots and pans away (for a few days)! And if you don’t live near there, this is probably as good a reason as any to come visit.

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