Getcha damn hands up: Does BK need an anthem?

Time for a new Brooklyn anthem?

Once upon a time Brooklyn was paradise: a summer home for America’s savviest import/exporters and cut-throatiest robber barons. We were even independent once (miss you, 1898). It was a long 20th century here, but we’ve almost recovered our past glory: the G train more closely resembles those other trains while politicians, corporations, and residents now battle it out, East-Village style, for control of our streets. There’s one area where we still fall short: despite being the band-heaviest district in the country, we lack a true anthem. Manhattan songs simply won’t shut up about how awesome its people and hotels and sounds and aura and Christmases are, but we have those things too! Local blogs Nabewise and Stuff Hipsters Hate are hoping to bring the magic back with a contest to discover Brooklyn’s new anthem. 

Through May 9, Nabewise and Stuff Hipsters Hate are encouraging Brooklyn’s unsigned bands to submit original recordings about Brooklyn and/or Brooklyn neighborhoods. The ten best submissions (as judged by the hosting blogs) will then be put up for public voting on the Nabewise website from May 16-22, and the four top-voted bands will compete live on June 5 at Glasslands Gallery, where a panel of local celebrities will help the audience select a fitting champion. The winner gets a full day’s worth of recording time at Let ‘em In Music Studios in Park Slope.Get anthemic. Do it.

More information here.


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