Get your Democratic mayoral debate tickets while you can

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See the fisticuffs, LIVE!

We’re getting to the dog days of the mayoral debate season. The days where the endless amount of forums and questions about the same damn things are driving candidates to getting in each other’s faces like a couple of teenagers. And while that inter-party squabble between Anthony Weiner and George McDonald was amazing enough, maybe it’s only a preview of what happens at the Democratic debate. There’s only one way to know what happens before everyone finds out, and that’s getting tickets to the debate on August 21 at 7pm. Good thing they’re free.

Yes, the whole gang will be there: Christine Quinn, Bills Thompson and deBlasio, John Liu, Anthony Weiner and Sal Albanese will be facing off in a rhetorical death match all to get YOUR vote, on-the-fence Democratic primary voter. If you want to see what happens live while it happens, you can apply to get tickets from the Citizens Union here. We’d hurry it up though, because according to debate sponsor Gothamist, there are only 1000 tickets available for the debate at the Town Hall (123 West 43rd Street) in Manhattan

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  1. So I reserved the day this post when out and requested 2 tix and put in my partners name and info. On ticket pick up day today over 30 people who reserved online did not have guest info at the box office. They would only issue one ticket. Because of this the line took over an hour to get through and people are upset. One woman ripped her one ticket up.

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