Get wired at NYC Resistor’s hack-a-thon

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Why not wire some summer shoes? Pumps by Poly Verity.

Annie get your glue gun: NYC Resistor, a hacker collective located in downtown Brooklyn (397 Bridge St., Floor 5), is saying goodbye to its old space with a 48-hour hack-a-thon starting Friday, Feb. 12, at 6 p.m. To those unfamiliar with the concept of a hack-a-thon, think cyberpunk knitting circle where you can end up with a wristwatch, new speaker, tricked-out Ham radio, mysterious brain wave machine or other novel gadget.

For nearly two years, this DIY electronics collective has been offering classes on everything from computer programming and mobile devices to the finer points of firing lasers, amassing a following of novices and seasoned pros that now requires some larger digs (the new spot will be a couple blocks from Atlantic Terminal). The pre-moving event and its component parts (electronic doodads, soldering irons, etc.) are free, but advance registration is required due to limited space. It’s not all wires and Tesla coils, though––-snacks will be provided, as will prizes for best hack.

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