Get your Welcome to Night Vale tickets Friday. If you dare

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Good morning. If it is morning where you’re reading this, and since the city council’s ordinance making it always morning, of course it is! You might have noticed an uptick yesterday night morning in instances of pets howling, attempted human sacrifice, portals to other world’s in your local bodega’s beer fridge and your Seamless order showing up before you even put the order through.

It wasn’t because of the blood moon though, it was because of cosmic shifts related to another rare event in our life sphere: podcast Welcome to Night Vale has announced a live taping, their second anniversary show in fact, happening just across the river on the mysterious island of Manhattan, on June 4. Tickets going on sale on Friday at noon, provided there is a Friday this week. Of which, there is no guarantee that we don’t get stuck repeating Thursday over and over. And over. And over. And over.

The live recording of the show’s 49th episode will take place at Town Hall (123 West 43rd Street) in Manhattan on June 4 at 7pm, so you’ve finally got a reason to violate the city council’s law against ever setting foot on the fog-shrouded mystery island. The script being performed at Town Hall will be the show’s 49th episode, and will never be performed live again. So either be there, or miss it while hoping you fall into one of New York’s ever-increasing time travel portals that deposit you in the past. But hopefully not too far in the past.

The live recording will have everything you want from a live show, like finally getting a glimpse of Cecil Baldwin, the voice of Cecil Palmer. Plus, music from house band Disparition and a special live musical guest, guest stars of the non-musical, which is to say “talking,” variety, the realization that you aren’t alone in this world and that plenty of other weird people like this thing too and they’re all around you*, and as per the show organizers “very few surveillance vans.” Tickets go on sale this Friday at noon, so stop everything you’re doing that day (everything) at 11:59am and get to your computer. Or a computer, at any rate. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t belong to you or is floating in the middle of the street for some reason.

*This is a lie. We are all in fact alone.

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