How to get a tickets to the de Blasio inauguration

bill de blasio
Wonder if all those sign holders will be there. via Facebook

So earlier we told you about how Bill de Blasio was letting us regular slobs into his inauguration, we just didn’t know how to get there. But now we do, with the de Blasio administration playing Santa Claus the day after Christmas. A press release just went out announcing one thousand tickets would be made available for the inauguration, on January 1 at noon. So if you don’t think you’re going to be too hungover or will end up sleeping through the whole thing, point your browser here.

You can reserve up to two tickets to see de Blasio, Letitia James and Scott Stringer all sworn in on the steps of City Hall, right before they issue the orders to thousands of bloodthirsty Bolsheviks to run through the streets seizing the property of the rich. Anyway, you need to reserve your tickets by Sunday, but something tells us people will have snapped them up by then anyway, so move fast.

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