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Wings with no wait: Pok Pok Ny now takes reservations

pok pok ny
Eat this, and still have plans for the rest of the day. via Facebook.

This is a game-changer, people: we love Thai food and we love efficiency, and now those two glorious things are finally one, with Grub Street noticing that Pok Pok Ny now takes reservations for parties up to 12 people. The wait for Pok Pok is legendary, with many documented cases existing on the internet of people going insane while waiting for some authentic kaeng hung leh.

Andy Ricker’s famous thai cuisine has always been popular in Brooklyn, even going so far as to win a Michelin Star for its awesome noodles and roast fish. It was also a prime example of what many critics in New York City called “The No-Reservation Generation” with restaurants like Momofuku Noodle Bar and St. Anselm also forgoing this whole “planning your day” lifestyle. However, it looks like this generation is now dying out, as Pok Pok has now instituted reservations seven days per week.

For a while, the lack of a reservations system was almost made up for Whiskey Soda Lounge, the nearby bar set up by Andy Ricker and his team, which was constantly filled with people griping about having put their name in at Pok Pok and hearing their wait time. Of course, looking back, this was actually an ingenious, if evil, move from Ricker, but now that Pok Pok takes reservations, it looks like he’ll be giving the bartenders at Whiskey Soda a break.

Reservations are for brunch and dinner, which means that no longer will you have to go to their live cam to stare in horror at the wait, but it also means you’ll have to move quickly, as reservations are already getting snapped up. Of course, spending an hour and a half dreaming of chicken wings at Whiskey Soda Lounge does sound like a pretty good time too, so really the choice is yours.

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