Get sated in secret at Brooklyn’s best hidden restaurants

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Behind No Name Bar’s nondescript door (and down some stairs) there’s a hidden Thai restaurant. Photo by Katie Capri

There’s nothing worse than having a couple drinks too many at the bar and realizing you need to eat, only to be faced with nothing but greasy bar food. We mean, obviously greasy bar food can be good, but wouldn’t you rather just stumble into some room in the bar that turns out be a SECRET RESTAURANT? The folks at Untapped Cities figured you might like that, but they helpfully took the guesswork out of it for you by picking New York’s best hidden restaurants

While Untapped Cities (597 Manhattan Avenue) found hidden restaurants in Manhattan too, you’re most likely going to be be out in Brooklyn, so of course let’s focus on that one. It turns out that at Greenpoint’s No Name Bar you can chow down on Thai food when you get the drunk munchies, but it’s sadly closed for the winter. Just another thing to look forward to in spring.

Elsewhere in Greenpoint, you can sneak in the back door at Tørst (615 Manhattan Avenue) for a tasting menu and a weekly roast every Sunday. If you want Japanese, there’s Zenkichi (77 North 6th Street) in Williamsburg, which isn’t in a bar but is basically hidden in plain sight, as it just looks like a blank wall from outside. They also picked Yuji Ramen at the Gowanus Whole Foods, and while you certainly wouldn’t expect there to be a full-service ramen place in a grocery store, it’s probably the least secret spot on the list. But check the whole thing out, just in case you find yourself hungry for secrets across the river.

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