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Get pregnant with free dive bar comedy tonight

When you hear the title “Get Pregnant With Comedy,” it either means two things: 1) the comedy is so good it will create life in your under regions, even if you’re a dude (which can lead to instance of live sandwich birth, according to one Brooklyn OBGYN; or 2) you’ll be having such fun at this free dive bar comedy night, you’ll make Totally Awesome Decisions that involve shots of Rumple Minze and finally using those novelty Sarah Palin condoms you got three years ago. Either way, totally fun, right?  Tonight at flame-kissed Hank’s Saloon on Atlantic Ave., check out a free night of comedy featuring Gabe Delahye of Videogum, Daryl Ellerbe, Julia Stratmann, Shakir & Malcom, Jessica Darakjian and our own Sue Smith! And if you fancy yourself a cat with LOLs, you get a chance to tell your own joke on stage — the winner gets a $20 bar tab!

Get Pregnant With Comedy, 8pm tonight, Hank’s Saloon, Atlantic and Third avenues.


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