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Get phresh for $10 at BK’s queer pop-up barber shop

Hair Force One is really excited about your new haircut. Photo via Ronika McClain.
Hair Force One is really excited about your new haircut. Photo via Ronika McClain.

You know how sometimes you want a cool, trendy, maybe asymmetrical haircut, but you feel like that your East Village barber will judge you for it? Aren’t salon prices just too damn high? Do you not look gay enough? Do you want to dance? Amazingly enough, we’ve got something for you.

PHRESH CUTZ is Brooklyn’s monthly-ish queer pop-up barbershop and dance party put on by Hair Force One, a team of amateur barbers dedicating their time and love to a good-looking Brooklyn. Hair Force One gets you, because we’ve all been there ourselves. Too broke to touch up that shaggy, grown out mess, sitting in the middle of your friend’s living room, wearing a plastic bag as they clutch a pair of scissors, swearing that they’ve done this before.

Well, Hair Force One has done this before, and actually, we did get our start in someone’s backyard covering our friends in plastic bags, but, the results don’t lie…everyone’s looking pretty good. Before I go on, I should probably mention that I’m part of this project, which should perhaps serve as more of an incentive to go.

2013: So Phresh, So Clean is a belated New Year’s party because you deserve to look good and get a few drinks in you too. In addition to a five-chair barbershop, the party also features a stocked bar, DJs, and a dance floor.

And, weirdly enough, we’re all really friendly.

So stop by LaunchPad at Franklin Ave tomorrow night between 7:30pm and 2am (last round of haircuts starts at 11:30 and ends at midnight). You don’t have to get your hair cut, you don’t have to be queer, you don’t even have to drink. Whatever you want, just come by. Oh, and don’t forget to RSVP.

$7/2 drinks, $10/2 drinks + haircut, $5 no drinking, all tickets purchased at the door

2013: So Phresh, So Clean – Queer Pop-Up Barbershop and Dance Party, 7:30pm – 2am, Brooklyn Launchpad, 721 Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights

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