You could get paid to help an NYC Councilmember work against ‘the Trump regime’

You could work with this guy to stop Trump in your own stomping grounds of NYC. via Flickr user GirlRay
You could work with this guy to stop Trump in your own stomping grounds of NYC. via Flickr user Girl Ray

2017 is looking up so far (read: no movie stars are dead yet), but there’s still a big orange-haired elephant in the room. And come Jan. 20 that orange-haired elephant is going to go galumph into — as a friend of mine put it so eloquently —  “the china shop of foreign diplomacy” and wreak havoc on our national security.

That is, unless we can set up our own system of checks and balances to prevent him doing so. New York City may remain fairly immune to Trumpism during the president-elect’s germ term. But just in case you’re still looking for a way to fight the power (and we really hope you are), check out this cool job posting for one lucky Brooklynite:

New York City Council Member Brad Lander is seeking a Communications Director to oversee and implement the Councilmember’s communications and media program – in order to serve the people of the 39th District, to resist the threats of the Trump regime to American democratic values and vulnerable constituencies, and to build a more just, inclusive, and sustainable NYC.

You heard right, kids! Councilman Brad Lander, who represents Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington and Boro Park, most recently notable for mediating negotiations between residents and developers during the Park Slope Key Foods controversy, is now seeking a full-time anti-Trump activist to help make shit happen.

The gig was posted a few weeks ago to Idealist, but according to The Blaze they’re still looking.

As Communications Director, your responsibilities will include the oversight and implementation of the Council Member’s communications and media program. You’ll craft strategies, work with members of his staff and other City Council Members to coordinate those strategies and advance progressive policy, blast e-mails on his behalf and organize online campaigns through social media and beyond.

You’ll also get to manage the office’s press work, which includes planning press conferences, drafting and releasing statements, and liaising with the media.

Ready to apply? The posting seeks a “smart, hardworking candidate” with 3+ years of communication experience (ideally in NYC), strong writing skills, experience managing an online contacts database and a strong sense of the news (the real kind, in case that wasn’t clear). You’ll need to be able to multitask, work on tight deadlines and be a team-player with a sense of humor.

If all of the above sounds like you, apply today! Perks of the gig include competitive salary and benefits, a supportive work environment, and best of all, the chance to make a career out of antagonizing Donald Trump.

[h/t The Blaze]

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