Get paid to drink craft beer all summer. Seriously, it’s a beer internship

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Summer in Brooklyn is going to be cool and all, but this might top it. John Morrison / Flickr

Getting paid to travel the world and drink beer all summer long? Surely you jest.

But no, this is an actual job opportunity that someone is actually hiring for. Specifically, it’s World of Beer (WOB), the craft beer empire that has franchise locations in every country, seeking three “Drink it Interns” who love beer culture and want to spend their summer hopping — get it? — from city to city, country to country, WOB tavern to WOB tavern, and documenting their ex-beer-iences around the world on social media.

Well, we’re not sure why you would need convincing after the above description for what is clearly the sweetest summer job of all time, but read on anyway to find out why this is an awesome opportunity and what you’ll need in order to apply.

Are you the globe-hopping drinker for the job? Here’s what WOB is looking for:

  • People who are all about exploring and sharing their experience with their friends
  • Social media nuts who are always snapping photos of beer and food to share on social media
  • People who are passionate about beer and always looking to learn more
  • Creative types like photographers, bloggers, videographers, or simply really awesome Tweeters
  • Friendly folk who love meeting new people, sharing stories with strangers, and catching up over a beer
  • Outgoing personalities who can talk to anyone and carry the conversation
  • Travelers who love to hit the road every chance they get


Finalists will be selected by this Monday, March 28. Finalist interviews take place in April, so the three interns who make the cut are ready to go travelling by April 25. Best part? The job description states that “Candidates will not be needed on a full-time basis.” In other words, you can enjoy your off-hours in every city, visit friends abroad, and kick back in between social media updates. It’s also an independent contractor position, so if you’re a freelancer, this is essentially the best paid vacation you never had.

Applications close this Saturday at midnight. Don’t wait to throw your hat in the ring. Fill out the form, which will also ask you to upload a one-minute video that shows your passion for the position. And it can be anything you want: sharing beer pictures, talking about your favorite brewery in the world, or performing a poetic ode to Brooklyn Lager are all fair game. (For what it’s worth, we recommend the last one.)

Drink with us, too: we’ve still got a few North Brooklyn beer books left for 2016! 

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