Get out your banjo: Make Music NY now open for registration

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Coming soon: SO MUCH OF THIS. (via flickr user Mathew Knott)

Buskers might be catching a bad break in the city these days, but that doesn’t mean public music performances are totally dead (even if we maybe wish they were). This year’s Make Music New York celebration, an annual event featuring free concerts held by swarms of artists, musicians and other performers all over the city, is gearing up for its June 21st date, and they’re open for registration. So if you’ve been harboring fantasies of strumming your ukulele by the Prospect Park Lake with a purpose, well, here’s your chance!

Prospective performers can sign up for free on Make Music NY’s website; you can also elect to host a visiting performer, and they’ll match you up with someone. Just be sure to register before April 29, and get ready to join legions of other outdoor music makers come June 21 — other things to look for this year include a performance by the New York Philharmonic outside Lincoln Square, Roberta Flack teamed up with a bunch of Bronx middle school jazz bands, rock bands all over Bedford Ave, a Philip Glass sing-a-long and something mysterious by Yoko Ono at 5 am in Central Park. ALL FREE. Ah, summer.

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