Get your Netflix membership now, before they jack up the price

netflix price increase
If you only want to pay $7.99/month to see Fargo and Lilo & Stitch back-to-back, sign up today

Have you been dawdling on getting a Netflix subscription because you’re mooching off your girlfriend or you want to be the modern version of one of those “don’t own a television” people? Well, there’s no hope for you if you’re the latter, but if you’re the former, you better prepare for the day you need to carry your own Netflix weight, and you better do it soon, because any day now, new members are gonna be paying more for a streaming subscription. And things just aren’t satisfying when you have to pay $9.99, which is basically $10 per month.

Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but in a letter to shareholders talking about how fantastically rich they all are, the CEO and CFO wrote that they’re planning on increasing the price of a new membership by a dollar or two per month sometime this quarter. So we’re talking by June at the latest, if letters to shareholders can be believed.

That being said, if you’re currently a member, don’t gloat too much. According to the letter, current members will get to stay at their current price level, but only “for a generous time period.” Obviously since our definition of generous versus Netflix’s would differ (“forever” vs. “a few months”), current members should prepare for a price increase too. We’re not outraged or anything, considering that at even $10/month, the Netflix streaming package is a pretty good deal. Unless of course they’re taking all of our money so that they can fund more crap likeĀ Hemlock Grove. In that case, we’d like our money back.

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