Get in line for deep discounts at Brooklyn Boulders this Saturday

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Hang out outside Brooklyn Boulders this weekend and get a deep discount. Hang out, get it? Get it? You get it. via Facebook

People seem to like Brooklyn Boulders, but one thing that no one ever likes is paying for things. We’re sure for instance, if there was a way to download a huge climbing facility from The Pirate Bay, people would do it. The next best thing though, is getting access to one really cheaply, which is what Brooklyn Boulders will give you this weekend if you’re crazy enough to show up at eight in the damn morning. But check out how cheap things will be if you show up that early: first person in line outside the store gets a free four-month spring pass.

Yep, this Saturday, March 22, Brooklyn Boulders will start giving out spring passes to people lined up outside the store starting at zero dollars for the first person in line and increasing in price until it hits $329. Which sounds like a lot but is still cheaper than the usual $446 pass. So it’s kind of like¬†Hands on a Hardbody, except much, much easier.

After your hungover self has won you a free four-month pass to the gym, you can either go home and collapse and get a nap in, or you can stick around and enjoy the carnival itself at noon, which is gonna have a dunk tank, cotton candy and other festive accoutrements. The forecast calls for rain on Saturday though, so don’t hang out if you’re sopping wet, you’ll catch your death of cold.

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