It does so much for you, do something for it. via Flickr user Harry Pujols

We all love Prospect Park (well, we’re assuming that you do because who could possibly hate it?), the crown jewel of Brooklyn’s green space that’s always there for us if we want to feel like we’re kind of in the woods. The park does so much for us, providing great spaces to barbecue, free concerts, places for your dog to play and rolling green expanses, and it never even asks anything from us. In the next couple days though, you can do something nice for it, because two wealthy fans of the park have promised to donate $50,000 to its upkeep if 1,000 people donate to the Prospect Park Alliance.

The 1,000 For the Park campaign is an effort to get 1,000 people to donate any amount of money to the Prospect Park Alliance, a non-profit that works with the city to take care of the park and keep it looking all nice. If the 1,000 donations come in, park fans Lorraine and Gordon DiPaolo will give $50,000 to the Alliance, which presumably is more than anyone reading this has to give to the park. The twist is that the donations have to come in by the end of June 2, which is only a day away.

Currently, 795 people have donated to the effort, and with only 1 day and 12 hours to go, it looks like things are gonna run right up to the wire. So if you’ve got a couple bucks floating around, throw it to the park, because like we said, you can donate whatever you’re comfortable with. So maybe skip your coffee tomorrow and give that money to the park. After all, you can be sleepy at work and won’t miss a beat, but the trees and grass and lakes at Prospect Park could also use a bit more love.

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