Behold, the menstrual pay cycle: THINX underwear is hiring

Thankfully this doesn't look like that sorority video. via Facebook
Thankfully this doesn’t look like that sorority video. via Facebook

If you’ve been jobless for an extended period (sry) of time, and you’re looking to increase the flow (sry) of cash into your bank account, then look no further than New York-based period underwear company THINX, because they’re currently hiring for two job positions: Full Stack Web Developer, and Growth Strategist.

“Just ~*~*IMAGINE~*~* spending all day, err day with these smiling faces!!” reads the job notice, posted to THINX’s Facebook page yesterday with the photo above. “This is POSSIBLE because… drumroll please… we’re hiring!”

If you haven’t heard of THINX, by the way, it’s either because you don’t get out much or because you’re just veeery late to the game. The company’s high octane, post-millennial and mildly manic PR style has not only been plastered all over NYC subways for the past year, but was also recently lauded in an open love letter on Jezebel.

In either of these positions, you’d be helping to grow this “lightly deranged” brand to its full potential. Sure, we could tell you why these jobs sound especially great, but we’d rather u-ter-us.

Just kidding, we’ll actually tell you. First, here’s the company mission:

At THINX, we are committed to breaking the taboo around menstruation. By reimagining feminine hygiene products to provide support, comfort, confidence, and peace of mind, we aim to eliminate shame and empower women and girls around the world.

If that sounds like something you’re into, read on.


This job'd be pretty cool.
Two jobs, both alike in dignity (but slightly different in skills needed, y’know?)

The Web Developer position consists of “pushing new features, pages, and projects,” as well as “testing initiatives and basically ‘all things web.'”  You’ll work closely with the company’s design, growth marketing, content and customer experience teams to improve the website and bring new creative initiatives to life. Backend expertise is a plus.

The Growth Strategist position is for a “tenacious, creative problem solver” who wants to work hands-on in management and advertising operations. You’ll also play “a critical role in creating, testing, and optimizing new marketing and expansion initiatives, both online and offline.” (Note: If you’re planning to apply for this position, the ad tells you to “include ‘taboo’ in your subject line so we know you pay attention to the details.”)

Best of luck if you decide 2-ply (that one was just bathroom-related, idk) for either job and don’t forget to sign up for our weekly newsletter for job opportunities and news delivered straight to your inbox!

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