Get free mattress removal from Ikea by joining their family

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Avoid surreptitiously putting your unwrapped mattress far from your apartment thanks to IKEA. via Flickr user splorp

New mattress: a wonderful thing! With the only downside being that you need to do something with the old mattress. You could try giving it away on Craigslist, except people are getting wise to getting a mattress that way not being a great idea. If you don’t want to wrap it and drag it down the stairs yourself, good news: Ikea will take your mattress for you if you buy a new one from them.

Until September 22 this year, Ikea will pick up your mattress and take it to mattress Heaven for you. The only ctach? First, buy a mattress from them and choose their delivery option. The second one, is that you have to join the Ikea Family. All it involves is a simple blood oath, the forsaking of your god and ten Swedish lessons.

Ahhhh, just kidding you guys. You just register for it right here, for free. They send the occasional email with discount offers and hot Ikea news, but it’s free to join and your spiffy orange card gets you a few other bonuses. And again, they’ll take your mattress away for you, thus keeping your landlord from being angry at you because there’s a mattress out in front of the building on the wrong garbage day.

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