Get your free 9/11 Museum opening day tickets while you can

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After years of disputes over money, what do with victims’ remains and uh, crosses, the 9/11 Museum is finally going to be open to the public on May 21. Of course, even with the opening on the horizon, people haven’t been thrilled about the $24 price of admission tickets to the memorial. Knowing that, you should probably get your hands on one of the free tickets that Condé Nast is sponsoring for the first day, according to DNA Info.

As of now, there are tickets available for every slot open to visitors, from 9am to 6:30pm. You can only get up to four, so if you’re going with a big group of people, you’ll have to start designate ticket buyers. Don’t worry about taking tickets from relatives of 9/11 victims or from first responders, they’ll have access to the museum as part of a preview before it opens, and even after that they’ll be able to register with the museum for free entry. If you do get a ticket and go though, for the love of god, just leave your gun at home.

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