Get that behind-the-scenes TV news job you’ve always wanted at the TVNewser job fair

chris hayes
Get the job being the person to make those graphics around Chris Hayes. Just don’t accidentally write “maternity” leave. via Facebook

Looking to break into the world of TV news? Oh, really, you are? Well, before you jump up to having your own shouty-head show, you’ve gotta do some background work. But where would you even get a job in TV production for cable news? Oh, look, there’s whole job fair¬†happening next Tuesday with representatives from cable news channels of all ideologies that’s happening in Midtown. We know, this means you have to balance a desire for a job with your shit idea of having to go to 34th Street.

The TVNewser job fair will be happening on Tuesday, April 29 from 9am to 6:45pm at the Wyndham-New Yorker Hotel (481 8th Avenue). So like we said, you’re going into the middle of Midtown. But, you’ll be going there to meet recruiters and representatives from some of the biggest cable news channels out there, who’ll be there to talk about jobs in production, writing and other behind-the-scenes TV business. You’ll also see who you’re up against in the fight for jobs, so come prepared to fight.

Fox News and MSNBC will be there for the ideological set, News12 and Cablevision will be there if you want to be hyperlocal and CNN will be there for the people who want to do the production work on an interview of a hologram It costs $10 to get into the job fair, but if you wind up getting a job, you can’t really complain about having to pay, since you’ll make it back. Maybe you can even get your boss to take you out to a $10 lunch and you’ll have made that money back.


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