Get bass’d for less: There is now a Groupon for Electric Zoo

All yours, for a discount. (via TheMusic.FM's flickr)
All yours, for a discount. (via TheMusic.FM’s flickr)

If you’ve been scouring the Internet looking for some way — some blessed, God-given way — to put on your finest neon and facepaint to gyrate to ┬áSkrillex and co. on a budget, then boy do we have some wonderful news for you. A new Groupon for Electric Zoo is now available, and it’s offering a 40 percent off pass for Friday’s festivities. We know. You can’t contain your excitement.

For those unfamiliar with Electric Zoo/who have never worked at an American Apparel at the end of August, here’s what you need to know: it’s a three-day electronic music festival on Randall’s Island, there are lots of bros in pink neon tank tops and ladies in facepaint and not much else, a lot of famous electronic music artists like David Guetta, Tiesto and some other people I don’t know play music and everyone does a lot of drugs. And now you can do all that for a discount! Groupon’s got a $99 coupon for Friday, August 30th’s Avicii-headlined show, which would otherwise set you back $139. Oh, and it comes with a $10 Groupon for a non-alcoholic drink, though…unclear why you’d go down that road. [To mix with your smuggled in vodka, duh – Ed.]

There will be neon. There will be madness. There will be some kind of weird beats or whatever. And there will be bros. ALL YOURS FOR $99. The deal ends at the end of this week, and THEY ARE GOING FAST GET THEM NOW.

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