Get a free bike helmet today, because your head is fragile

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Excited about bike share but don’t have a helmet. Well, you should probably get one, because you never know what’s going to happen to you out there. But helmets cost money, and if you don’t regularly bike, you might not be into going out to buy one. But tomorrow, the city is willing to just give you one, for free. You should probably get one then.

Now this will require a trip to Manhattan, but the Rutgers Houses (61 Pike Street) are so close to the Manhattan Bridge you’ll pretty much feel like you’re in Brooklyn anyway. In addition to getting a free helmet that’s actually fit for your head (very important for comfort and for brain-saving), you’ll also get some safety tips courtesy of the Department of Transportation. Safety tip number one: be on the lookout for entitled old biddies who think you’re a part of a totalitarian conspiracy.

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