Get a free beer at Running Late, just for being a Brokelyn reader

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See Drew Magary talk about dad stuff, curse, at Running Late on Wednesday

To us, the benefits of being a Brokelyn reader are pretty self-evident. But sometimes people like you guys so much that they’re willing to give you things just for showing up and hanging with them. Case in point: “Running Late” with Scott Rogowsky, which previously had a visit from Alex Karpovsky from Girls, will give you a free Grolsch beer when you go to this month’s show, just for telling them “Brokelyn sent me.” There is a terrible price to pay however…

Wednesday night’s show, at the Galapagos Art Space (16 Main Street, DUMBO) at 8:30pm, will feature Drew Magary, doing a publicity tour for his parenting book, another Lena Dunham connection with David Call, who was in Tiny Furniture, comedian Dan Soder and genuinely vile waste of oxygen Tucker Max.

So as to keep you from paying full price for an event with Max, you can also get a discount on tickets by ordering online and entering the code “MARTY” when you order them. That brings the tickets down from $12 to $1o. If you wait to buy the tickets at the door, it’s $15. And then don’t forget to tell them “Brokelyn sent me” when you pick your tickets up at the door and get your free beer, no doubt a reward for sitting through Tucker Max talk about his zany adventures in providing an awesome reason to welcome the cleansing fire of nuclear apocalypse.

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