Genuis idea: There’s a free GZA show tonight at MetroTech

The GZA contemplates just how he'll rock the house tomorrow
The GZA contemplates just how he’ll rock the house tomorrow

Summer is gone gone gone, and you’d think that means all the good free concerts outdoor are gone too. But chillier weather in this cold cold world is no obstacle for the mind of Wu-Tang’s resident genius, the GZA. So, with that in mind, he’s gonna take the stage tomorrow at MetroTech to entertain those of us living in the world today, for free.The show is being dubbed the BKU Fest and is ostensibly for college students around Downtown. Which makes sense, since who else should the Genius be giving basic instructions to other than American’s youth. But you’re never too old or full of wisdom to learn from GZA, so if you wanna check out the show, all you need to do is RSVP right here for it, and then you have to make sure you can wait until the show. We know, we’d be excited too.

Joining GZA will be electro-pop group Tanlines, Danny Brown pal and Bushwick explosion witness Kitty Pryde and Mas Ysa, who are described as a dance-synth “project”, so who knows, maybe they’re actually Horse_ebooks and not just some people who play music to dance to. And don’t forget, when you’re at the show and you like the way they sound then clap, man.

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