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Gear up for the cold at Bicycle Roots’ big fall sale

bicycle roots
Protect your soft skull, for less. via Bicycle Roots

Welp, it’s just about fall, so that means it’s time to put your bike in storage until spring, right? Wrong! In the fall, you can ride your bike without turning into a sweaty mess, which means you can still avoid paying for a MetroCard unless absolutely necesarry, and still get places earlier than your friends. You can do all of that even cheaper than usual too, because Bicycle Roots (609 Nostrand Avenue, Crown Heights) is having themselves a big sale, chopping prices on things like bikes, bags, jackets and of course, helmets. It is, after all, the fall.

If you don’t have a bike yet, you can get one of those, with prices down 10% to 40% off specific models in the store. You might have a bike though, in which case you should take advantage of the chance to gear up for the coming cold, with 50% off jackets and vests from Endura and Specialized, and 30% off gloves and socks from the two companies, among other gear options.

If you spent all summer thinking you were cool for riding without a helmet, you can pick one up for 30% to 50% off, to help you avoid a massive concussion (at best) if your head hits the ground. You can also save 40% on messenger bags, racks and child carriers, if you have to carry precious cargo like a child or your record player while you ride. Best of all, if you’ve got a fear of going into stores and being asked what you’re looking for and not knowing the answer, Bicycle Roots has an online store now, so you can order what you need in the privacy of your own home and pick it up at the store.

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