The G train is on the FASTRACK to a service interruption next week

g train

Are we glad the G train is back in action? Yes, probably, unless you’re one of those shortsighted fools who thinks that the shuttle bus service was “better” without realizing that it’s much easier to just line up a bunch of shuttle buses than it is to run trains on time. ANYWAY, don’t get used to the G being totally normal, because starting September 8 and going until September 12, G trains are on the FASTRACK and won’t run between Bedford-Nostrand and Church Avenue between 10pm and 5am. We assume this is just a game to the MTA at this point.

Every weekday next week between 10pm and 5am, the G train will stop at Bedford-Nostrand, heading south, which means you’ll be back on shuttle buses if you want to go any further. If you’re coming from Church Avenue, you can take the F all the way to Bergen before having to go with the bus. It’ll all be over Friday though, so it’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened.

Obviously, it’s not like Brooklyn’s favorite punching bag/genuinely useful subway line is the only train that will fall victim to the dreaded all-night repairs that is FASTRACK, but it’s just bad timing after that five-week curtailment between Greenpoint and Long Island City. Especially when the return of the G is being trumpeted on the MTA website:

g train brooklyn

So anyway, make some backup plans if you’ve got a booty call to get to along the G train. Or maybe just find another one for that week, it’s not like you two are married to each other.


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  1. al fair

    it seems like the late night G stops at or requires a transfer at BN more often than not. I don’t understand why the can’t at least run it to somewhere you can transfer. the BN stop feels so random.

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