Rejoice: Fung Wah’s $15 fares will be back in 2015

fung wah bus
They’re back, baby! via Flickr user Filippo Diotalevi

Oftentimes it’s a fool’s errand to actually believe that the simple act of turning a calendar from one year to the next means that anything significantly better is going to start happening. That being said, we’re willing to maybe believe it will, because while 2014 had no cheap Fung Wah fares to whisk you out of New York in speeding crowded fashion, 2015 will see the return of the beloved cheap bus line according to Reason. It’ll probably still be the only good thing that happens in 2015 though.

If, for some reason, you need to get yourself to Boston, you’ll be able to choose Fung Wah over fancypants competitors like Megabus and Bolt Bus. You won’t have to think about cracks in the bus frame, no siree, because Fung Wah overhauled their fleet and hired a safety inspector. That also means your driver is less likely to be high on something or other while driving, leaving you to be the only intoxicated person on the bus. Well, probably not the only one, after all, it’s a bus.

There’s no date set for Fung Wah’s glorious return, but once it’s here, you’ll have one less excuse to not visit those friends of yours who moved to Boston for some reason.

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