Don’t fear the neon: how to shop Fulton Mall

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Summer hoops—don't think, just buy.

When it came time to do some recon at the Fulton Mall, we turned to our fashiony friend Subira, who has an internal GPS that zeroes in on the groovy hippie-chick stuff no matter how many dayglo patent-leather gladiator sandals and ham-handed poly prints stand in her way. “I go to Fulton Street for bargains with personality—statement earrings, print skirts, delicate summer dresses, ruffled peasant tops and chic shades,” she says. “You want to go for good basics in a place like this and stay away from the over-embellished stuff.” Off we went.

Starting out at the women’s clothing discounter, Subira spots a patent satchel from Beyoncé’s Deréon line—normally $119, here $59.99—and  blisses out on the $6.99 to $9.99 scarves, especially one in a yellow-and-pink leopard print. “I almost can’t resist them,” she says. Pale denim Wrangler jeans (below), normally $170, are $24.99. Wrangler’s are $170? Here’s proof:


Subira digs an armful of bangles and a pair of beaded hoop earrings—$10 per (below). “You just get them. You don’t even have to think about it.” She eyes a pair of YSL Tribute wannabes that are $39.99. “I’m not into knockoffs,” she announces, ruling out lots more styles as well. What she is into: raffia heels. “They’re high fashion-looking in a natural way—with a sick high heel. I’d wear them with denim or a long ’70s dress.” Speaking of which…

What do you know? Hidden among the overwhelmed racks here is a $34.99 ankle-length denim halter dress. “Simple, summer-weight denim in all-cotton,” she notes approvingly. Elsewhere, a pile of acid-wash ankle-length Levi’s stovepipes are $29.99 (regular $42), and a stack of white something-or-other jeans go for $15 each. Wait, are people allowed to wear something-or-other jeans? “As long as there isn’t too much weird stitching on the pockets,” she says. What about fuschia and orange? “Believe it or not, colored jeans aren’t just for tweens,” she says, “but you need confidence to pull them off and it’s a risk to match them with another color or print. Try shades in the same family, or neutrals like black, white, grey, and beige.”

Jeans for $15.

Baker’s Shoes, 454 Fulton St.
Dr. Jay’s Women’s
, 485 Fulton Street, (718) 596-3577

, 490 Fulton Street, (718) 858-8984

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  1. Pretty Girl, Danice, and Rainbow are MUCH cheaper than Strawberry, and they have the exact same or better stuff sometimes.

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