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Full Lane Logistics will deliver your CSA pickup by bike now

full lane logistics csa
Just imagine this bike is full of healthy vegetables. Healthy, tasteless vegetables. via Facebook

So, you’ve decided to bite the healthy, disgusting bullet, eat more vegetables and sign up for a CSA. Here’s the problem though: You might not be that important, but your boss expects you to work hours that suggest you would be. So, after your 10-hour day dealing with office bullshit, you’re not going out of your way to pick up your CSA share. Well, your worries are over, because bike delivery collective Full Lane Logistics has teamed up with the Enterprise Farm CSA to offer delivery services for your CSA share, called Full Lane CSA.

The Full Lane CSA will get you 10 weeks of fall vegetables, from September 1 to November 7, with pickup shares coming in at $238.68 for a small share, $303.96 for a medium and $383.16 for a large, while the delivery shares will run you $349.68, $426.96 and $518.16 for a small, medium and large. So sure, it’s more expensive, but if you look at Full Lane Logistics’ enormous delivery area, it doesn’t seem like such a stretch to pay a little extra.

If you don’t want to shell out for delivery though, you can always just pick your veggies up at Full Lane Logistics headquarters (47 Hall Street, Clinton Hill), Bed-Stuy Beer Works (409 Willoughby Avenue) or Recycle-A-Bicycle (35 Pearl Street). You can sign up for either service here, just hurry up before the novelty alone makes people sign up and take all the spots. Anyway, enjoy your vegetables and your “long healthy life.” Frankly, that’s just more years you can be alive to get bedbugs.

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