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Photos by Eric Reichbaum.

How cool is this? To demonstrate the many things that can be made from a plain old t-shirt (in this case, an exceptionally attractive one), Park Slope-based writer and craftmistress Megan Nicolay has made a tote bag from one of our Brokelyn 1.0 t-shirts, and we’re going to give it away to a lucky reader.

But first, more about Megan, the author of two books—Generation T, 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt, and Generation T, Beyond Fashion: 120 New Ways to Transform a T-shirt (both from Workman Publishing)—that show how to fashion everyone’s favorite wardrobe staple into items ranging from quick, no-sew tops to an elaborately construct wedding dresses. With a few quick snips and stitches she can turn a humble top into something ready for a night out.

Megan discovered her talent as a teenager, when her father challenged her to use or lose a growing pile of old shirts in the closet. The initial heap was salvaged with batik, but her skills evolved with practice. Between the two books, there are nearly 230 projects to dig into (and even more on her website). The most impressive? It’s hard to choose one—aside from the Brokelyn tote—but who knew that a t-shirt could become a car mat? A plant hanger? A fully functioning cleaning lady? (Maybe next book…)

brokelyn bag and books2

Megan’s books are available from major booksellers as well as independents. And as an early holiday gift, we’re going to give this amazing tote and (not one but) two books away to a highly fortunate email subscriber next week. To find out how to enter the giveaway, please join our email list by midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 4. All new and existing subscribers will be eligible, and you’ll be getting the contest details from us on Thursday, Nov. 5.

We cling to our old tees as if there were something magical within their comfort, often wearing them until the last legs of threadbare. But when that time comes, consider Generation Tee before you decide on sending it to pasture.

Megan Nicolay deconstructs and reimagines t-shirts. She’s the Brooklynite behind Generation Tee, and she’s teamed up with Brokelyn in a celebration of thrift. Email the contact below with your favorite spot for cheap tees and you’ll be entered to win the Brokelyn’s Generation Tee Giveaway, including a tote bag made by Megan from our Brokelyn shirt, both of her books, and a pair of Generation Tee scissors to get you underway.

Nicolay grew in the Northeast with her family instilling the importance of conservation and creative expression. Since early on, she’s never not known how to compost, and that mindfulness carried over. Her knack for tees started with a challenge from her father to use or lose a growing pile of old shirts in the closet. She earned a reputation as the crafty girl in college, but as a creative writing major likely never imagined her name would grace a book cover subtitled 108 ways to transform a t-shirt. She’s recently transitioned to a new spot in Park Slope, moving out of need for a spare bedroom to contain her mountainous shirts supply.

The t-shirt projects range from quick no sew remakes to wedding dresses, an iPod case to a shag rug. Her goal is both welcoming the timid and challenging the skilled. With a few quick snips she can turn a plain ole’ shirt into something ready for a night out, but her passion lies in teaching others to do the same. The Generation Tee series is a staple in the craft sections of national heavyweight booksellers Barnes & Nobles and Borders, but you can also find it in most independents. Nicolay travels the country doing demonstrations, and for any interested, she has an event coming Octobr 25th at the new Michaels on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Between the two books, there are nearly 130 projects to dig into (and even more on her website), as well as tips for realizing your own ideas.

Clue us in on at [email protected] on your favorite spot for cheap shirts for a chance to win.


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