Frisktamatic: new apps gather immediate stop and frisk data

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Next, an app to to let people know you’re being Tasered. via The Verge

Of all the police procedures used in Bloomberg’s New York, stop and frisk has become the most contentious one. One the one hand, it’s supported by noted 80s caricature Curtis Sliwa, but on the other hand, it’s recently been revealed by The Nation as perhaps not a path to racial transcendence. Now Occupy Red Hook and the Red Hook Initiative community center have entered the fray with an app to for people to report when they’ve been stopped and frisked immediately after it happens.

The app is the second one to come out in an effort to gather data about the controversial practices, the first put out by the New York Civil Liberties Union. Both apps are free, with  RHI’s allowing the user to enter all the information about their encounter with the police once it is over.  The app made by the NYCLU is designed so that you can record the event (video and audio) and fill out a survey about how it happened.  The app will also let you know when people nearby are being stopped, like Grindr but not nearly as sexy.

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