Friday lunchtime links

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Cat Marnell enters rehab. Will she be boring when she’s done with it? [Page Six]
People will obviously pay for things on the internet #slatepitches [Forbes]
The War on Drugs is a joke on your town [Taibblog]
A journey into the dark heart of Carmelo Anthony’s sweater [The Classical]
Beardo werido Dan Deacon was on Jimmy Kimmel last night [Pitchfork]
Hope you’re not trying to get home for the holidays via JFK [Runnin’ Scared]
“Roll over. Good boy.” “Rouler. Bon garcon.” [CBC]
Oh, Florida. Don’t ever change. Just uh, stay over there though [Vice]
Patsy Grimaldi is back with a pizza place not named Grimaldi’s [Gothamist]
One of 2012’s best new faces is anonymous, so it’s yours to claim [The Atlantic]


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