Friday lunchtime linkage

An ex-Jehovah’s Witness visits the Watchtower building [Harper’s]
Speaking of, people are pissed about those new condos possibly ruining the view [Gothamist]
Speaking of, again, people are suing to stop the affordable housing at Brooklyn Bridge Park [Crain’s]
The NYPD killed a guy they had in a chokehold [Daily News]
Someone’s suing to establish a right to record the cops [ANIMAL]
Reviews of the Castle Braid amenities, including a dude who HATES it there [Brick Underground]
Eating T.G.I Friday’s mozzarella sticks for 14 ┬áhours straight [Gawker]
“I Am Not Guilty” tattoo fails to sway jury [Sheepshead Bites]
Summer Fridays are rather controversial, it turns out [New York Post]

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