Friday lunchtime linkage

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Can’t wait for McCarren? 12 other NYC pools (of other people’s filth) to tame the heat wave [Curbed]
Dekalb Market displaced for more skyscrapers at end of season [Brooklyn Paper]
Jay-Z bans bottle service at high-Barclays high rollers club (so many terrible things in one headline) [NYPost]
And in other celebrities are a-holes news: Tony Parker suing club after Drake v. Chris Brown brawl injury [NYMag]
If you stop buying so much junk, you’ll have more money (yes, this is a serious news story) [Business Insider]
Two Trees gets sweet deal for Domino Sugar factory; expect more condos [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
Hey kidnappers: Here’s a list of the worlds most valuable offspring [Business Insider]
Forget zombies, watch your knees for rabid leprechauns [Gawker]


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