Friday lunchtime linkage

Bloomberg isn’t panicking about the sequester. But then, he’s rich [NYO]
The NCAA’s bonkers new college basketball uniforms [The Classical]
Pope steps down, a church loses a legal battle. Curious… [BP]
Brownsville is getting bike lanes [Brownstoner]
“Scientifically accurate” Spider-Man. May cause barfing [ANIMAL]
New SUNY rap video actually a reason not to go to a SUNY [Gawker]
“Pac-Man” fever comes to MOMA. City desperately short on vaccines [NYP]
Bob Woodward: not so bad #slatepitches #buzzfeedpitches [Buzzfeed]
Ja Rule is being held in a Brooklyn jail. Go visit him! [NBC NY]

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  1. Conal Darcy

    “That’s on the state; they can make the law and they can violate it. This is why the whole world is in chaos,” said German Cayetano, the associate pastor of the church. “If life ended on earth, then I would say then everything is lost, but life does not end here … I’m not going to argue it.”

    He certainly has a flair for the dramatic.

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