Friday lunchtime linkage

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Lena Dunham pro-Obama ad proves we’re all going to hell. Thanks, HBO [The L]
Drones over Brooklyn [Village Voice]
Brooklyn had a hockey team, before it was cool to live here [New York Magazine]
Diaper thieves? What is this, Raising Arizona? [Consumerist]
We always thought you could win a guy’s heart in one of those crane games [How About We]
Feel better, Weezy! [Stereogum]
Short on cash? Just prove Bigfoot exists. Easy [AV Club]
Snarky jerk says Nets and Brooklyn belong together [NYT]
There’s all this news about dead kids, horrible storms and cannibal cops. So let’s maybe just hang out with Stephen Colbert, Matt Damon and Tom Hanks [Splitsider]


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