Fellow brokester FreeNYC closes up shop

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Sad news: one of our favorite and most relied-upon sites to check for free events citywide has gone the way of Pets.com: FreeNYC.net (beware: there’s malware on their site already!) put up a “Sorry We’re Closed” sign this week and is closing up shop “indefinitely” after six years of operation. Founder Chris Lehault told us in an e-mail that he’s hanging up the blog for the immediate future while he focuses on his personal life, career and other entertainment pursuits. Lehault says: “I started FreeNYC over six years ago as a blog experiment when there was really nothing like it out there. Now there are lots of people pushing similar concepts with the available time that I just don’t have.” We wish him luck: FreeNYC—along with MyOpenBar and the skint—was one of our reliable go-to sites when looking for something to do for the evening. Lehault says:

As of right now I’ll be focusing my efforts towards our Crooked Disco party (which celebrates its three year anniversary next week), my beverage journalism (seen in its most casual form on idrunkthat.com and in a more professional way at seriouseats.com) and — of course — my day job, fiancée, family and friends.

Again, we wish him the best. Looks like it’s all skint, all the time now!


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