Freelancers Union mapping NYC’s sharing economy

freelancers union map
Hey, there’s a decent amount of sharing going on in Brooklyn

It’s becoming popular in certain quarters of America, like here for instance, to make a conscious effort to flip the double bird to large corporate chains and support entities like credit unions and food co-ops. But even if you want to take part in the bird flipping revolution, will you always know where to go to do so? You can now, because the Freelancers Union is calling this bird flipping turn towards community entities the “Quiet Revolution” and is mapping out where you can find things like community-focused music venues, healthcare co-ops and community gardens.

The Quiet Revolution map has a good handful of places right now, some you might be familiar with, like the Silent Barn, and others you might not be, like Red Hook’s Pulley Collective, which apparently is cheaply teach coffee roasters how to properly treat their beans. Of course, like any good project relying on crowdsourcing, the map is just sitting there waiting for you to add your favorite collective recording studio, employee-owned business or writing space. Will it forever kill Target? Well no, probably not, but at least you’ll be able to find a unionized, worker-owned print shop next time you have to make copies of something.

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