Free woodworking classes are better than not working at all

Unskilled woodworking may result in sawdust abundance.

If you’re unemployed and looking to pick up a new skillset in the manual labor field, or you’re Hannah’s boyfriend from Girls, you’re in luck (except that you have to be Lena Dunham’s boyfriend and exist in Girls)! Brooklyn Woods is holding a free seven-week full-time course in woodworking staring in September to prepare you for an entry-level job in custom woodworking, cabinetmaking and fabrication. Now, I know what you’re going to say: woodworking is boring. Well, it’s not just that! It’s also drilling, sanding and all kinds of other stuff with hand and power tools!

The program is intended for the unemployed, the under-educated, the impoverished, those with criminal records, or anyone with other barriers to employment, not counting Philosophy degrees. College grads who just can’t find work or are looking for a hobby are discouraged from enrolling.

Trainees will get to learn how to work their tools, woodworking machinery, math and measurement, cabinet construction methods, finishing, and installation. The program has an 80 percent job placement rate for its graduates, so your seven week investment has a good shot to pay off, literally.

Orientations are held every Wednesday at 10am. Address and further information are located here. Eligibility requirements are that you be 21 years old, with a background or strong interest in working with tools (I think we all have worked with a few tools in our life, amiright?) and laboring.

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    • eric_silver

      Sarah, you should show up and announce, “I can’t wait to learn this new hobby! Finally, something to break up the monotony of my day job!” That should get you friends at your lunch table.

  1. Ursula

    i’d like to take this… but it’s only for those with criminal records? what about those who do know how to behave in society? not fair!

    • eric_silver

      Well, that’s just one example of a person they’re hoping to serve. Basically, it’s technical training for people who would otherwise have difficulty getting a job (even in a good economy). You should contact them, though, because I don’t know what the difference is between an unemployed person and someone with a college degree who can’t get a job.

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