App now lets you listen to WNYC on the subway

brian lehrer
Now you can take Brian Lehrer on the train with you without even thinking about it. via Facebook

It’s great and everything to have all of the music and all of the podcasts in the known world at your fingertips in a tiny computer, but all of that choice can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. Especially if you’re running to be somewhere, you don’t want to wind up being late because you couldn’t decide on listening to eitherĀ How Did This Get Made? or Run the Jewels. But now the WNYC App‘s Discover feature takes the tough choices out of your hands, building you a custom playlist of WNYC programming based on your interests and how much time you have to listen. Plus then it downloads the playlist for you, so you can listen underground. We welcome our new soft-spoken overlords.

The app, which is totally free and can be downloaded here and here, already came with the ability to do on-demand and live streaming of their programming. But now with just a few finger swipes, you can pick topics you’re interested in like the arts, transportation issues, music, local or national news or the media’s ever-expanding circle jerk. Then just pick how long you want your playlist to be (up to 3 hours), and the app will get to work downloading WNYC programming it think you’ll like.

Best of all, this works underground, where the life-sustaining force of the internet can’t reach yet. So if you’ve got a long commute ahead of you, you can just pick some topics and start walking to the train, confident in your knowledge that you won’t actually have to pay attention to anyone on the subway with you.

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