Free trash cans to hold off the rat tsunami

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The new Nets stadium has been a slam-dunk for the rat population.

There’s a rat tsunami plaguing Prospect Heights, and it’s your fault, obviously. If your life has been made miserable and extra rodent-y from the Atlantic Yards construction, developer Forest City Ratner is throwing you a bone: no, not by cleaning up/shutting down/spraying down the project, but by providing garbage cans! Up to 1,400 free “rodent deterrent” (lidded, heavy duty) cans are available for buildings of 12 or fewer units in a 12-block radius south of Atlantic (see map below). To get one, contact the Atlantic Yards Community Liaison Office at [email protected] or 1-866-923-5315. The Department of Health-approved cans come from Pintchik Hardware. So, problem solved, right?

[Via Brooklyn Eagle]

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