Free stoner sex ed classes here to teach potheads to find love

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Here’s a young man who could probably use the help.

Ever try to flirt with someone but weren’t sure if you were coming off like a creep because you probably were? Ever try to flirt with someone but weren’t sure if you were coming off like a creep because you probably were…ON WEED? Well, good news creepy potheads who lack social skills, a pro-pot legalization group wants to teach you how to flirt with a series of stoner sex ed classes, according to DNA Info.

According to Harrison Schultz and Lorna Shannon, the couple behind Sex Ed for Stoners, the issue of potheads not knowing how to flirt is a bigger deal than many of us realize. The couple, who’s part of the Occupy Weed Street movement, told DNA Info that the inspiration for the classes came after hearing about people in the activist group making awkward bordering on inappropriate advances. So, the couple will look to socialize weed smokers who’ve been going at it alone and aren’t used to trying to interact with their fellow stoned humans.

Of course, there’s a nobler cause here than just teaching high people that “No means no”: Schultz and Shannon feel that by teaching awkward weedheads to flirt, they’ll hit on people outside Occupy Weed Street and thus keep the group focused on the cause of weed legalization. Hey, we’ve thought up stranger theories when we were high. If you feel like you could use a little help because you can’t make bloodshot eye contact with your fellow humans, head down to 60 Wall Street at 5pm today. Learn a thing or two at these classes and maybe you can get that stoned sex columnist job after all.

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