Free, possibly disgusting, Slurpees today

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Just get a regular Slurpee damnit.

New York City is amidst an identity crisis about whether humble bodega will be bigfooted out of business by the incoming 7-Eleven invasion. Even still, we’re not going to stand here and besmirch the Slurpee, which is an amazing food-like product, the procurement of which was often cause enough to skip class on a hot spring day in yonder New Jersey high school days. This week the chain is unveiling it’s first-ever Slurpee Lite, a sugar-free concoction with 50 percent fewer calories that sounds like it will taste all sorts of terrible. Because guess what? If you’re on a diet, a Slurpee is not your friend. Drink water. It’s free. 100 percent fewer calories than a Slurpee, all the time. Anyway, to celebrate, 7-11 is giving away the abomination from 11am-7pm all day today. See below for a list of your nearest outlets in BK. Or you could eat ice cubes instead.395 Flatbush Ave. extension, Downtown/Fort Greene

520 Fifth Ave., Park Slope

1381 Atlantic Ave., Bed-Stuy

301 65th St., Bay Ridge

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  1. Hot damn I love Slurpees. I have probably had over 1,000 in my life (and possibly 100 the summer between junior and senior year of high school)

  2. When I was growing up, there *were* no 7-Elevens anywhere near where I lived (Crown Heights). I vaguely remembered one on Nostrand Avenue when I was in high school, but that was way out in Sheepshead Bay. So I haven’t had the opportunity to get a Slurpee.

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