Drink a lil (free) Sailor Jerry rum, show a lil love for tattoo artist Erica Flannes at benefit tonight

Erica Flannes
Donate funds and drink free rum to help this rad tattoo artist pay her medical bills. Photo via Twitter.

We live in a town where people like tattoos, like, a lot. And if you’re one of the people that likes tattoos, you probably like a certain tattoo artist you always go to because of his or her kickass inking skills. Erica Flannes, an admired ink expert at Red Rocket Tattoo, unfortunately came upon some bad luck that no one likes: a tumor. To help defray the costs of having the thing removed, Flannes’ friends are having a benefit and reception tonight at Three Kings Studio in Greenpoint where you can donate funds, purchase art and yes, drink some free Sailor Jerry rum.

If you think that St. Marks scratcher’s butterfly tattoo you got in your rebellious phase was expensive to remove, try imagining the expense of your body rebelling against you with a tumor. Flannes, a much-loved tattoo artist at Red Rocket Tattoo, is getting stuck with something like $20,000 in medical bills to have hers removed, so her awesome friends are showing a Li’l Bit of Love with an online crowdfunding campaign and accompanying pop-up benefit gallery at the new Three Kings studio in Greenpoint today and tomorrow, March 27 and 28, 2015.

reception at Three Kings will be happening tonight from 7-11pm, featuring free Sailor Jerry rum and PBR for you to sip while staring wide-eyed at all the cool work from tattoo artists around the world. All proceeds will go directly to Erica, so you can feel good about buying some art, drinking PBRs and downing enough rum to add another butterfly to that tramp stamp you don’t tell your friends about.

(Lil’ Bit of Love for Erica Flannes, Three Kings Tattoo, 754 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint, 7pm.)

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